Thursday, September 13, 2012

My baby goes to school......

Wow, can't believe it's happened already but Tyler headed off to kindergarten this year! He joined Kendra up at Paterson. He has school Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays and he absolutely LOVES it. He has to be at the bus stop by 7 every morning but never has a problem hopping out of bed in the morning to get ready. 

Paterson schools require that the students wear school uniforms. Jeans and polo shirts in multiple colors. Along with grey zip up fleece jackets for the chilly days

Getting his breakfast after arriving at school!

Lining up to be introduced along with all the other new kids for the year

I hope he continues to love school like he has the first couple of weeks!

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Cheryl said...

He's growing up so much! I love the first two pictures of him - he looks pretty happy and content to be off to school!