Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hmmmmm....another beautiful day. The weather has been absolutely unbelievable.
Once again we just lazed around and had a late breakfast...played some video games and then went and spent a couple of hours playing on the beach. I gave everybody a big lecture about the serious dangers of 'sneaker waves' on this particular beach. But it seems that SOME people didn't think I was worth listening to!
See guys? I really do know what I'm talking about! I don't just make this stuff up as I go along. Maybe next time they'll listen to me. Then again....... I won't hold my breath!
Later that afternoon we headed down to Depoe Bay to do some whale watching...of course they all left long before we showed up!
Then as we were headed back to our resort Bob casually suggested that I take Ashley and Brandi and head to the outlet malls while he stayed back with Kendra and Tyler....You can just imagine how many screams and squeals went along with that idea! What an awesome outlet mall!!! We got some Great buys and could have got soooo many more but my consciense really started to protest.
About 7:15 Bob called and informed us that he had both the little kids in bed and was just going to watch a movie so don't rush. Now how often do you hear that from a guy???

Cheaters never prosper

Yep we're still here....just hanging out by the beach. I figured I better start writing down what we've been doing cause I'm quickly forgetting! The days are kinda blending together yesterday we had to discuss it for a minute before we came to the conclusion that was Tuesday.
Sunday we just hung out here....had a big ole breakfast and then we split into teams to go on a scavenger hunt. Well first thing we noticed is that one of the items on the list was a canned food label. So 'Team Mustang' made a mad dash back to our condo and snagged our canned food label and then proceded to hide all of the other canned goods!
We were pretty proud of our quick thinking. We had this in the bag!
"Team Mustangs"
"Team Canucks"
We were so confident in our win that when we met up with them down on the beach we even helped them by telling them what a rhododendron leaf looked like. Unfortunately for us as soon as they slowly meandered around the corner away from us they made a mad dash for the lobby and ended up beating us! Yep....we forgot about the label on that half empty can of soup in the fridge. It was a very humiliating loss.
Getting in a little pool time.
Looking out into the ocean from the hottub
One of the great things about being here is Bob's been doing a lot of cooking!! Hard to imagine isn't it? And as with any vacation we are of course eating waaaay too much food!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gleneden Beach!!

After looking forward to this day for 10 months it's finally here.
We left Friday morning and headed down to the beach in Gleneden! It's on the Oregon coast just past Lincoln City. We are staying in a condo right on the beach....for an entire week! The weather today was absolutely beautiful...I actually was able to enjoy laying on a lawn chair beside the pool and was comfortably warm!! We're supposed to have a couple days of this weather before it turns to typical November coastal for now we're enjoying the beach and when it turns ugly I guess we'll just have to hit those Lincoln City outlet malls! Actually the agenda holds a trip to the Newport Aquarium....the Sea Lion caves....the aviator museum....maybe an afternoon matinee....and lots of time just hanging out in the rec center, the condo or the beach!
Today we started off with an all you can eat breakfast at the rec center of waffles, pancakes, sausage and bacon, then we played on the playground for awhile before heading down to the beach. It was absolutely beautiful and the kids had a great time trying to outrun the waves. They weren't always succesful!! After that we went for a dip in the pool, and the hottub and then off to town to get some groceries. Bob cooked up some great burgers for dinner and now they're all giving me a hard time about missing the 'FAMILY MOVIE' to sit and stare at my computer instead! So I guess I better wrap it up here and go join them.
By the time we went back inside they were soaking wet and had sand in every nook and cranny!
Made them strip on the patio....take a quick shower and moved on to the pool.
Typical scene as Bob torments Ashley and she loves every minute of it!
Tyler is making sure that wave does NOT sneek up on him! He was fascinated by the noise and crashing of the waves but the couple of times that we had to run and rescue him from a 'sneaker wave' he wasn't real impressed!
Just a little bonding time!


Ashley and Brandi ordered their own costumes this year from the costume supercenter. They def. were orginal. I don't know if I've ever seen a gothic lady bug before! I refused to buy a costume for Tyler because I figured just my luck he would decide he wasn't going to wear it. And if Tyler decided he's not going to do something, nobody nowhere nohow is going to change his mind! So we hauled out the eyeliner and gave him a mustache and voila! A very economical costume. We did the usual, went to a few friends houses and then on to Shy's Pizza and after that went through Sun Terrace. By 8:00 we were back home for the night. YEAH!!!! I guess you could call me the scrooge of Halloween. I just don't enjoy it one bit and am always so happy when it's over. Yeah I know....bad bad attitude! lol

Monday, November 10, 2008

Catching up!

Wow...I am so behind here. I realize I have some serious catching up to do and hopefully will get to that in the next couple of days here. Those kidney stones sure put a hitch into all my well laid plans, wasn't exactly counting on a week of hospitals and doctors and operating rooms. On the bright side it sure was nice to have Bob home and to have my mom here for several days! The things we do to get attention!! Bob nicely offered to take some pictures for me this past week so that I could write up a nice blog with beautiful pictures of me in sexy hospital gowns. I think he called it 'the death look' that I shot his way at that very generous offer of his. But anyway,,,I really do hope to complete the 'tag' and '7 random things' within the next couple of days here. (since all I'm doing nowdays is sitting on my tush anyway! lol) And Michelle...I really haven't ditched you....give me a couple of weeks and I'll be back fumbling my way through 'step'! Hope you are all having a great November.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

photo shoot

Just had to share some great photos that a friend took!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mr. Tinky Butt

Everybody has always told me that when it comes to potty training boys are just slower than girls. So at 22 months I had no intentions of worrying about the potty training thing with Tyler. We have wondered though what we were going to do when he outgrows his current size 6 diapers! We figured if he kept growing the way he is he would probably be moved onto depends by the time he was potty trained.
He HATES dirty diapers.... he always comes up and hands me a clean diaper and says.."tinky butt mommy"
So...yesterday he was working out side with daddy when suddenly he comes running into the house, "mommy mommy...tinky butt toilet, tinky butt toilet" So I figured ok...whatever. And I plopped him up on that toilet. And the little turd did just that! He 'stinky butted' on the toilet! Of course we made a great big deal of it and all his sisters were standing there cheering for him. We kinda figured it was a one time thing and life would continue as normal.
This morning he refused to let me put a diaper on him....he insisted on wearing a pull up. (not just any old pull up mind you, it was a 'princess' pullup) And once again he wanted to do 'tinky butt toilet' So back on the toilet he went but to no avail. We put the pretty pink princess pull up back on our little linebacker and went back to our house cleaning...but just as I was leaving the bathroom I decided to pull the old toddler toilet out of the cupboard and just set that out too. About 10 minutes later as the rest of us were just all off doing our thing all of a sudden we hear this big cheer.."YEAHHHHHH" coming from the bathroom.
Yep...Mr Tinky Butt took care of business all on his own and was giving himself a standing ovation. Unfortunately he also used at least half a roll of toilet paper but one really can never be too careful.
So once again of course lots of cheers, a phone call to daddy and Tyler is sooooo proud of himself he keeps walking around and just bursting into laughter...." tinky butt toilet"
Must be a slow news day when we blog about our kids bowel movements!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Singing in the Rain!!

Remember last week when it started raining late one evening? Well my kids just LOVE that.
Everytime it starts raining Brandi sighs and says..'ohhhh it smells like canada"
So it was about 8:30, the little kids were in bed and Ashley was helping me finish up the dishes (yes we were still doing dinner dishes at 8:30) Anyway, she was supposed to bring the leftovers out to Sami and it was taking her FOREVER.
So I went to go see what was taking her so long....... and apparently she just got caught up in the moment,,
How can you get mad at a face like that?? Even if it did take her 20 minutes to 'feed the dog'!