Monday, February 9, 2015

FFA Happenin's!

FFA season has started again and Ashley is off to a great start!  First she presented a speech at the ag expo to a panel of judges regarding USDA 2015 dietary guidelines and walked away with a $1000 scholarship!
At the Awards dinner getting her scholarship
Then a few weeks later she competed in a job interview competition and walked away with second place, securing her a spot at the state championship competition in May at WSU.  Been a pretty good start to the FFA year.

Father/Daughter Ball

For the second year in a row Bob and Kendra went to the Father/Daughter ball in tri-cities. Kendra had so much fun last year that she couldn't wait until the next one. When we went shopping for Ashley and Brandi's winter ball dresses we found one for Kenny too. Ashley helped her do her hair and get ready and then it was off to the ball!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Home Reno's

We've been talking about redoing the office for awhile now but we're not exactly the type to get things like that done quickly:) So once again our amazing family stepped in!! John and Audrey decided it would be a fun way to spend a few days so when they came down to visit they ripped into the project with gusto!

Uncle John put them to work taking off handles and hinges:)

Ripping out the china hutches from 1970

Making some time capsules to put into the new wall that Uncle John built

JV Basketball

First year of high school basketball for Brandi! There's been some good games and some not so good games but she's been loving every minute of it. Even practices. Thankfully when John and Audrey came down she brought her camera along and got some good pictures because I can't seem to get any decent pictures inside of a gym.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Winter Ball

Winter Ball was held a little later than normal this year and didn't take place until January 31st.  Two, yes TWO dresses to buy, shoes, flowers, tickets, dinners, UGH! :) Took a full day of shopping to get the job done but the end results were pretty spectacular if I may say so myself. John and Audrey were down that weekend too working on some office renovations. Everyone headed over to the Essary's for pictures and then Audrey and I drove Brandi and Ryan, and Lauryn & Cole to tricities for dinner and then dropped them off at the dance. Ashley went with Colten Alfeteras and they went to Bob's for dinner and then back to the high school Not all dances are good ones but they both said this one was a success. Thank goodness!