Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Classic Tale of Good vs Evil

Oh Tyler. Sometimes he leaves us speechless, sometimes he leaves us giggling hysterically and sometimes he just leaves me very very worried. He has been overflowing with attitude lately. He has an answer for everything, a mind of his own and very few social graces. Not a stellar combination. He's had some serious 'sit downs' with daddy and things were improving...or so we thought. His preschool teachers have taken to threatening to call his Dad, that seems to do the trick! I have told him that if he isn't behaving himself at preschool and his teacher has to call me I will come there and paddle his hiney in front of all his friends! So the other day when his teacher commented that he wasn't participating and it was like pulling teeth to get him to do the letters with his class that day, I let him know in no uncertain terms how disappointed I was. "But mom! I think she forgets or something that we do the same letters every single time!! Why can't we do some different ones?" Perfectly logical really. I mean who's idea was it to only have 26 letters in the whole alphabet. Booooorrringg! Yesterday I go to pick him up from preschool and his teacher says...."ummm what side of the bed did Tyler get up on this morning?" I replied "uh...I'm guessing the wrong one?" Apparently he was really pushing the limits all day. grrrr.... again we had to have a discussion about what was happening at school.."mom seriously i sometimes forget how i'm supposed to behave at school!" the same way you are supposed to behave every single day. be kind, be polite, be respectful" "I have to do that every single time?" One day he was having a great day...he was being helpful, being polite, being kind to his friends, so I told him that evening that I really appreciated what a good boy he had been that day. oh boy....I opened a can of worms on that one. "that's because this morning I took bad Tyler out of my body and put good Tyler in!" where's bad Tyler? "I shoved him into one of the apple bins" Well I like this good Tyler much much better! "but you know mommy that tonight bad Tyler will probably sneak into my window and crawl back into my body" Well from now on every time bad Tyler comes out Bad Mommy's coming out too! "oh no! Bad mommy is scary. Bad tyler doesn't like bad mommy!" So we reached an understanding that good Tyler = good mommy. Bad tyler = bad mommy. Not sure if I should find this funny or be somewhat concerned over his apparent recognition of two very distinct 'Tylers' !

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A typical Saturday

I remember a time when Saturday was the day to do your housework, run your errands & clean up the yard! That doesn't work so well around here. I try to have that stuff all done by Friday night but to be completely honest, that's a lofty goal that I only acheive maybe 25% of the time! Usually we end up having to sneak some housework in on Saturday morning. Doesn't go so bad when everybody pitches in. And she wonders why I sometimes make her turn over her phone:)
As soon as we're done, or we run out of time, which is most often the case, it's off to some sort of games. If we're lucky we play at home, not so lucky it's pack a backpack of toys and snacks and hit the road! This particular day Brandi had a game in Mabton, Kendra had cheer practice, yes I caved and allowed my daughter to do cheerleading...sigh....she went to a camp during the day, then cheered at the varsity game halftime show. After that game it was over to the auxillary gym where she cheered for freshman girls. I think Ashley might be a tad embarassed but Kendra doesn't mind at all that she's the sole cheerleader. And Ashleys teammates happen to think its kinda cute! Even the coach thanked Kendra after the game and said it was all because of her encouragement that they turned things around and pulled out the win!
Brandi's team heading out to take care of business:)
Ashley ready to head out to her game
After the last of the games were over, (9:30pm) we stopped at food depot to get a redbox DVD and Ashley ran into a few team-mates. She decided she should bring them home with her so they stocked up on icecream and movies and we called it a day!
Eating some icecream and preparing to do a little waxing! These guys are scarey!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Alberta Bound!

Bob headed off to Alberta this week....he had to go do some training at the Lucerne plant up there. He was a little unprepared with his materials and was hoping he would have some time when he got there to figure out what exactly he was going to teach. hmmm...procrastinate much? shocking! He was also a little unprepared for the road conditions on the way up there. For some reason we were gliding on into spring mode....lots of blue skies & sunshine...even a couple days of t-shirt weather. Reality came back with a vengeance and reminded us that it's only February! He hit temps of 4'F! When he checked in at his hotel up there he asked the desk clerk if it was supposed to warm up soon. They looked at him and started laughing. oh well....Maybe it will make him really anxious to come home:)
He should be back either Friday or Saturday. Praying he has better roads on the way home!