Thursday, February 28, 2013

School Basketball.

Brandi had her first year of school basketball this year!Tryouts last for three days and were a very very nerve wracking experience for her. We tried to assure her that her 6 years of previous basketball experience would insure her a spot on the team but she was still pretty stressed out. It used to be that the schools had an 'A' squad, 'B' squad and a 'C' squad but now with all the budget cuts there is no longer a C squad so unfortunately not all the kids that try out make it and a bunch of them are cut. My heart goes out to the poor kids that are cut. It's such a tough experience. There are usually 3 or 4 days of tryouts and then cuts are made. The moms wait anxiously in the parking lot that day...probably more nervous than the kids! And it really sucks to see some kids come out in tears and some with huge smiles. While you're happy for the ones that made it, it still kind of breaks you heart for the ones that don't.  Well all her worry and stress was unnecessary. She made the team! Her and all her basketball teammates that she's played with for the past 6 years made the 'A' squad. It was a great season for Brandi. Her 6 inch growth spurt this past year sure helped...she's still a little on the short side compared to the other girls but at least she no longer is stuck sniffing their armpits the whole game! She really gained a lot of confidence, she got a ton of playing time and was even highest scorer one game! Thankfully Auntie Audrey & Auntie Cheryl were down here for one of your games so Audrey took some pictures for us:)

Sunk that 3 pt shot!


Taking your time, got to hit those foul shots!

You may be a tad shorter but you can still shoot over their heads!

Up for another 3pt shot!

FFA ceremony

Once again Ashley is really involved with FFA this year. They had a desert evening where they presented the first year green hands with their pins and the second years kids with their pins too. 

Cody Maddox and Justin Munn leaving their blue handprints on the banner while FFA president Tony Adams supervises

Green hand Justin barely tolerating a photo op with blue hand Ashley

Ashley, Jenna Essary, Wyatt Wentz and Cody Maddox