Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's always harvest time somewhere....

Way back at the beginning of this year Oxbo merged with Ploeger out of Europe. We knew this meant lots of big changes for the company. One of the changes was suddenly Oxbo was involved in the manufacturing of yet one more piece of harvest equipment. A potato harvester.

 They sold 5 of those machines into Taber Alberta. But that of course requires somebody to be able to assemble, program and support those machines and well who better than Bob? Their resident Canadian who would have no problem going across the border to work?

So Bob headed up there around the end of July. He took the camp trailer with him and is staying at a campground in Taber (if you can really call a gravel parking lot behind a hotel a campground) but his options were pretty limited! He gets really really sick of staying in hotel rooms and thought the camper would be a better option.
The plan was that he would be up there for the arrival of the first machines, get them assembled and all dialed in and then another guy from Pasco would go up and relieve him for a couple of weeks and they would switch back and forth.
Several days after he had already been up there way too long the day finally came where he cleaned up the camper, loaded up some stuff and was anxiously awaiting his replacement. Should have know better by now. Yep. His replacement was denied entrance at the border. Guess who that leaves? The guy with the canadian birth certificate who can't be hassled!
In August he came home on a Friday, left Monday at 3am. So he was home a total of 3 days in the month of August.
Then comes September. He made it home early Saturday morning of labor day weekend and left again during the night Tuesday. When he left that Tuesday night he said he would be coming home on Friday for 4 or 5 days. hmmmm I was highly skeptical that this would actually happen since the last time he came home for a weekend everything up there went to $#%%! He assured me that he would be home, he had to be because he was bringing Steve home(a guy from Pasco who was catching a ride with him) I said, "nope. Steve will end up just catching a flight home"    Man I hate that when I'm right. As it stands right now he has no idea when he'll be home next. But harvest can't last forever! Sooner or later they'll get a good freeze up there and it'll be done. And since this is Alberta we're talking about, the freeze will probably happen sooner rather than later.
One day when he called and things weren't going so well here, I let him know very clearly exactly how I was feeling about this whole situation. And I think I probably wasn't very nice about it. Apparently he called New York and let the bosses know exactly how crabby his wife was getting  because about 20 minutes later I was told that when this is over we have an all expenses paid weekend away. Not to sound like an ungrateful brat but really? Sorry if I don't do cartwheels and handsprings. Going to take more than a weekend folks! All I know is that when this is finally over we're going on a vacation. According to the kids it will be a "FAMILY" vacation. Don't know where or when exactly but we're going!  Or maybe it should be a mommy vacation.......hmmmm...think I might be on to something there!

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