Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another school the books!

Absolutely crazy to see another school year in the books. Kg all done for Tyler, 2nd grade completed for Kenny, 7th for Brandi and sophomore year finished for Ashley!! The end of the year Paterson has a sports day. It was really fun with a barbecue and lots of games for the kids. They had three legged races, gunnysack races and all sorts of different distance sprints.

Tyler and Will Munn trying to cooperate with each other on the three legged race!

Kendra and Regan Bybee....very proud of their 4th place ribbons!

Tyler was very excited about the pie eating contest - he was beyond disappointed when he discovered they were 'fake' pies...the kind that come in a wrapper...and so disgusting! He insisted the only reason he didn't win was because the pies were so gross he just couldn't swallow them!