Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's a dogs life

What can we say...we love our dog's:) Sami & Harley.....they've been getting a little more spoiled every year. We had a long cold snap where suddenly they couldn't be dogs anymore, they had to sleep inside! But unfortunately.....or fortunately if you ask me...because of Tyler's allergies that couldn't last forever. This year they both had a batch of puppies about 2 weeks apart...yep that's a lot of puppies. Sami was kind of an ooops....Harley we had bred with Largent, the chocolate lab belonging to Papa Dick. But we should have done our research first....apparently the brown gene skips a generation:) We had all black puppies!
They really are best friends:)


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Homecoming 2013

Homecoming is a dance where the guys always try to come up with a very creative way to ask a girl to be their date. Ashley came out from swim team practice one day to find her car had been vandalized!
 The next day she saw his truck in town and responded......
Homecoming is a full week of all different activities every day. The highlights are the powder puff football games, the Friday night homecoming game when royalty is announced and then the homecoming event itself on Saturday night.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A trip to the moon!

One afternoon when Jenna and Lauryn were here and all the girls were out working with the sheep, they got a little sidetracked. Tyler decided it was time to take a little trip to the moon. They all got very enthusiastic about their adventure and spent quite a bit of time making sure their trip was a safe but exciting one! Tyler was the pilot, with a lot of very loud enthusiastic play by play of what exactly was happening. It was quite the ride!

The 'G' force was incredible!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Kendra

Kendra had a rather large birthday party last year at the roller rink so this year she was told she had to tone it down a bit. She really wanted to go with just family to the corn maze. So one Saturday morning we headed off to the big corn maze in Pasco. It was a beautiful fall day and they had a great time. Seems like we can't do anything like normal people though. Going through the corn maze was a hopeless case. The 'do no pick the corn' signs apparently only apply to some people and it didn't take long when we were all being pelted by corn kernels. Those things sting a little!! We were hopelessly lost and confused, and being bombarded by a constant barrage of kernels sure didn't help. Finally we just went back to the beginning and Bob decided the smartest thing to do would be to start at the exit instead. For weeks to come I had clothes and jackets coming through the laundry with pockets full of corn.
It was a great family day!!

A weekend visit!

Oma and Opa came down for a quick weekend visit. This usually involves a trip to tricities for a little bit of shopping and a stop at cousins for dinner. They don't usually stay very long but it is always nice to have them pop by! Ashley and Oma snap-chatted Ashleys friends for awhile...that was interesting:) And Kendra talked Opa into a game of checkers!

Meeting of the minds....

Stopped by Mom and dads while up for Canadian thanksgiving day. Tyler jumped at the chance to play a game of checkers against Grandpa!  I have many memories of dad teaching me how to play checkers. It was pretty cool to see that continue as he played against Tyler. Tyler does pretty good at checkers...he held his own for quite awhile (or maybe Grandpa was just being nice;) but in the end grandpa took him! Tyler is extremely competitive but I was glad to see he shook grandpas hand and said 'good game' even though his head was hanging a little!  The beautiful checkers set was made by my talented brother Rod as a gift to dad.

Dad's been planting a huge garden in the spring and selling the produce at road side fruit stands along with cherries and other fruit that he picks up down here in Eastern Washington. He thought he would try to get a head start on some of his plants and turned his old camper into the perfect green house. It's quite the 'grow op' he's got going on in there!!