Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A future in the CIA

Tyler has been told that when daddy isn't home he is the man of the house. He takes his duties very seriously and couldn't wait until Ashley & Brandi would have friends over when daddy wasn't home so that he could exercise his authority! He was going to be darn sure everybody was behaving themselves while he was on duty.
So Saturday night they had some friends over just to hang out, play some basketball, do a little mud wrestling...(ASHLEY & HARLEY! - such ladies that they are:) and have a bonfire.
Suddenly about 7 Tyler comes flying into the house in a panic..."MOM MOM ASHLEY'S BOYFRIEND IS HERE!!!" He turned around and ran right back outside as quickly as he had come in. A little later I look out the window and see him crawling on the ground beside the truck looking underneath at Ashley & her friends playing football on the front yard. Pretty soon he got up and dashed at a crouched run to the trailer where he promptly hit his knees again and was peering underneath that. Shortly after that he came flying back into the house and fell to his tummy and army crawled his way to the living room window. Then he carefully raised himself up inch by inch to peer above the window sill.  So finally I asked him, "Tyler what exactly do you think you're doing?"
"I'm spying mom. I gotta be REEEEEAAL careful that they don't see me"
"so,     are you seeing anything exciting?"
"well..... me and Colton can still be best buddies and everything but I just need to make sure he's not going to try kissing and dating on my sister!"
 Yep, his father has trained him well:)
A little later I found him in Brandi's room with a pair of dark sunglasses on peering out between her window blinds.
 The great thing for me, and bad thing for Ashley, about having all these younger siblings around.......No co-ed party could be more closely supervised!! I can sit on my butt and read a book and be very secure in the knowledge that none of those pesky boys are going to be doing anything they shouldn't be! Between Tyler's spy tactics and Kendra's outright staring and following their every step I am promptly informed of every little detail.
Maybe I should start renting those two out to other parents who want their teens to have highly supervised parties!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Our new project Part 2

It's all about the baby steps. The sheep pen has been roofed, moved to the correct spot, leveled out and tied down (or whatever it is he did to make sure the wind doesn't carry it away)  Tyler had a lot of fun helping with the roofing part.

All that's left now is the installation of two large fence panels, and the decorating can begin. Hopefully after Bob gets home from California and before he leaves for Holland he can finish the last couple things! I'm thinking the new batch of sheep should arrive mid May sometime.

A visit!

Last Friday Opa & Oma arrived for a visit. It had been quite some time since they had been here so it was really nice to see them again!
They arrived on Friday night, then on Saturday Bob & I had a senior luncheon we had to do at the church so they babysat! The lengths we go to to get sitters:)
They took a short nap out in the sun (yep, Oma got a sunburn)and built a castle fun park out of duplo! Bob and I returned home about 2:30 ish and shortly after that we headed out to Tri-cities.  Ashleys birthday was the beginning of March but because she has been sick for so long we still hadn't had a chance to go out for her 'birthday dinner'  She decided she wanted to do it that night so Opa & Oma could come along. We went to Cousins in Tri Cities, where we learnt that Opa DOES like cheese on his french onion soup, or maybe he doesn't. We'll never know for sure.
Sunday was another beautiful sunny day. We went to church in the morning, came home and had some lunch and hung out outside again for awhile.
Ashley got lots of practice moving Opas car, who knew he was so picky! Every time she parked it he insisted he wanted it the other way, two inches to the right, two inches to the left, sideways....it took her a good 30 minutes to park Opas car!

They were doing some target shooting by the back fence but nobody bothered to remind Brandi that you shouldn't put your eye up so close to the scope. Her memento of this fun weekend? A beautiful black eye. It started swelling immediately, the next morning it wasn't too bad at all but she was so embarrassed she decided to take a personal day and stay home from school. The next few days however the colors got much more vibrant and it was pretty hard to hide. So we tried to convince her that it actually made her sound pretty cool when she could explain to the boys at school that she had a black eye because she got 'scoped' by a gun!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wow the last few weeks have flown by again! Now to dig down in the recesses of my pea sized brain and try to remember what all happened in those weeks!!
One highlight.....we had a great visit from my brother Ken & his wife Evelyn and their 6 kids:)
They came down on a Wednesday, hung out here for awhile, had some dinner and then headed to the Grapevine Inn in Sunnyside. We joined them there for an hour while the kids all went for a swim. That was a nice treat. The kids are just itching to get back in the pool here but we're not quite there yet!
Thursday afternoon we left all the kids here...(yep that's 10 of them) while the adults went for a scenic tour of the countryside. We headed up to tricities, looked around a little and decided we wanted to go out for mexican food. Since we've never actually went out for mexican food in tri-cites we headed back to Prosser where we KNEW we could get good food at El Caporal. It was very entertaining to watch the sweat run off of Bobs face as he enjoyed his whatever it is he orders with so much extra hot stuff that they won't carry it to the table sizzling because it can have an ill effect on surrounding patrons. And that's the stuff he puts into his body. Go figure.
I always forget to haul out the camera when I should but these are a couple random pictures that I found on Kendras camera

Friday they came back here mid-morning. Left Jared & Amy here to play with Kendra & Brandi and took Ashley with them as they headed off for a shopping trip in tri-cities. That night Evelyn made us an incredible dinner of chicken cordon bleu, and all sorts of other yummy stuff. That's the kind of hostess I am. Get guests down to visit and make them do the cooking!  Since they were staying at our house that night it was a late night of hanging out around the table, laughing and playing random games. Love those kind of nights!! Then on Saturday morning they packed up and headed back home. It's always kinda sad to see them leave...they LOVE sunshine so we try to encourage them to visit often....sending nice little texts to them when we know its raining there and sunny here. Not very nice of me I know but really, if that's what it takes to get them to come visit more often I do what I have to do:)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Oxnard California

Bob left bright and early for Oxnard California. It's a 17 hour drive but he couldn't fly down because he had to have HIS tools there. Apparently borrowing somebody else's tools is right up there with sharing a strangers toothbrush!
Unfortunately this isn't going to be a real quick trip, a big repair job that could take a couple of weeks. He was originally hoping to be back by the 25th but has already started to prepare me that it looks like that may be a tad unrealistic. So I guess we'll see him when we see him!
Did Kendra cry? of course!! The girls and I were in the car heading over to see the sheep...just a quick 20 minute thing, and Bob was outside packing up his truck. She saw him packing up and the waterworks started. We were at the end of the driveway and had to back up so that she could go running over to daddy and hug him for awhile instead. The look he shot me over the top of her head was a desperate plea for help that was actually quite comical!