Friday, September 14, 2012

Another first!

It's been a crazy month of firsts! First my baby goes off to kindergarten and then my eldest starts to drive. Life flies by unbelievably quickly. As scary as it is to see your child get behind the wheel of a car, I have to admit, I can not wait to have another driver in the house. It will definitely help relieve some scheduling conflicts! On september 5 Ashley was exactly 15 years 6 months it was also Tylers first day of kindergarten so I took that day off to both drive Tyler to school but also to get Ashley that precious drivers permit! Bob happened to be home for a few days from Alberta too so it worked out great. He's much braver than I am, immediately after getting that permit in her hand he let her hop behind the wheel of his truck and take the freeway home!

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Cheryl said...

Eeeekks, Ashley! You're cannot be old enough to drive yet! haha! You grace that drivers seat nicely though :)