Saturday, August 31, 2013

How sweet it is.....

Love love LOVE visits from my family. Siblings make me happy:) I try to tell my kids that now and they are pretty certain I'm certifiably nuts because to them sisters are just a giant pain in the arse. But I keep telling them the day will come when your siblings are your best friends! I used to stress a little when company was coming and make sure my house was clean and fresh baking was available and full cupboards of food but lately I've taken it down a notch....or two or three. I'm so happy they're coming I don't really care what their surroundings look like...after all, don't they say 'love conquers all?'

Lots of refreshments and scrabble and laughs over very strange things:)

Friday, August 30, 2013


One day I was out in the back yard and I heard a distant crying. I didn't pay much attention other than to think that it was kinda strange that I could hear a kid crying all the way by our house since we have no really close neighbors. As a minute or two passed I thought, 'man that poor kid is really upset!' for some reason it didn't even cross my mind that it could be one of my own kids! Then all of a sudden my brain kicked in and I thought..."wait a minute, where's Tyler?" Just at that time Kendra came walking out of the house and I asked her to check on Tyler...Suddenly she came running back around the house "mom Tyler needs you bad!"  The poor kid decided to swing up on the goalie net and it flipped over and landed on his face. Pinning him underneath!  Thankfully no stitches, just a little blood and a very shook up little man:(

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hoefakker family camp

Every other year we try to arrange a Hoefakker camping trip. It's getting harder and harder to do. There are starting to be a lot of different families with a lot of different tastes. Some want to upgrade and some want to actually do camping! The more rustic the better. Some like water sports some want to be able to hike or motorbike. It really is getting tough and I'm not sure how much longer we'll be able to keep doing it. I hope people can continue to compromise and these camping trips can continue for several years yet!! This year we went to Orondo River park. It was up by Wenatchee. A little interesting as it was along side a fairly busy road. And the water was a little colder than some are used to since it was a river. However, there  was no complaints about the lake being too small as you could boat for miles and miles in the same direction! We had a vast array of weather. Unfortunately the poor tenters ended up having to pack it in one during a wind/rain storm and head for a hotel. My goal for the 2015 trip is to find a place with cabins and rv and tent sites! A slight challenge:)

While we were there is was our wedding anniversary. It was on one of the windy rainy days and we decided to kill some time by heading to the local hobby lobby. While there I received a text from Bob who was wondering around in a different corner of the store than I was.....
Nobody ever claimed he was normal.