Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cheaters never prosper

Yep we're still here....just hanging out by the beach. I figured I better start writing down what we've been doing cause I'm quickly forgetting! The days are kinda blending together yesterday we had to discuss it for a minute before we came to the conclusion that was Tuesday.
Sunday we just hung out here....had a big ole breakfast and then we split into teams to go on a scavenger hunt. Well first thing we noticed is that one of the items on the list was a canned food label. So 'Team Mustang' made a mad dash back to our condo and snagged our canned food label and then proceded to hide all of the other canned goods!
We were pretty proud of our quick thinking. We had this in the bag!
"Team Mustangs"
"Team Canucks"
We were so confident in our win that when we met up with them down on the beach we even helped them by telling them what a rhododendron leaf looked like. Unfortunately for us as soon as they slowly meandered around the corner away from us they made a mad dash for the lobby and ended up beating us! Yep....we forgot about the label on that half empty can of soup in the fridge. It was a very humiliating loss.
Getting in a little pool time.
Looking out into the ocean from the hottub
One of the great things about being here is Bob's been doing a lot of cooking!! Hard to imagine isn't it? And as with any vacation we are of course eating waaaay too much food!


Lolli said...

Okay...just rub it in a little deeper. ;)

You guys look like you are having a blast! I'm a little disappointed in your cheating skills. I'll have to give you some pointers at Bunko.

What is Ashley doing drinking a beer with dinner? (That picture is kind of funny.)

Ali said...

A scavenger hunt - how fun!! I am getting more and more envious with every post! Soooo glad you guys are having fun! Do you wish you never had to come home?!