Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gleneden Beach!!

After looking forward to this day for 10 months it's finally here.
We left Friday morning and headed down to the beach in Gleneden! It's on the Oregon coast just past Lincoln City. We are staying in a condo right on the beach....for an entire week! The weather today was absolutely beautiful...I actually was able to enjoy laying on a lawn chair beside the pool and was comfortably warm!! We're supposed to have a couple days of this weather before it turns to typical November coastal for now we're enjoying the beach and when it turns ugly I guess we'll just have to hit those Lincoln City outlet malls! Actually the agenda holds a trip to the Newport Aquarium....the Sea Lion caves....the aviator museum....maybe an afternoon matinee....and lots of time just hanging out in the rec center, the condo or the beach!
Today we started off with an all you can eat breakfast at the rec center of waffles, pancakes, sausage and bacon, then we played on the playground for awhile before heading down to the beach. It was absolutely beautiful and the kids had a great time trying to outrun the waves. They weren't always succesful!! After that we went for a dip in the pool, and the hottub and then off to town to get some groceries. Bob cooked up some great burgers for dinner and now they're all giving me a hard time about missing the 'FAMILY MOVIE' to sit and stare at my computer instead! So I guess I better wrap it up here and go join them.
By the time we went back inside they were soaking wet and had sand in every nook and cranny!
Made them strip on the patio....take a quick shower and moved on to the pool.
Typical scene as Bob torments Ashley and she loves every minute of it!
Tyler is making sure that wave does NOT sneek up on him! He was fascinated by the noise and crashing of the waves but the couple of times that we had to run and rescue him from a 'sneaker wave' he wasn't real impressed!
Just a little bonding time!


Ali said...

Okay I'm gonna just come out and say it...I am entirely jealous of you right now! But I'm so happy you guys get to spend this awesome time together! It looks like you're having so much fun - the weather looks beautiful! I hope you have a lovely, relaxing vacation. Give everyone my love :)

Lolli said...

Me too...jealous (in a good way) as heck! I can almost smell the ocean air as I look at your pictures. I was so envious Thursday night when you said all you had to do in the morning was make the beds and vacuum before you hit the road. Heading to the coast is absolutely the most relaxing vacation!! It sounds like fun times...rain or shine. You guys definitely deserve a restful time. Enjoy! Shop like crazy. (Don't forget to go to the mall office and get the $5.00coupon book!! You might even check the lobby where you are staying. Sometimes there are "coupons" for the coupon book in the Lincoln City travel brochures. The more you save...the more you can buy;)

Audrey Grisnich said...

Wow. Finally the much needed family time (including Bob this time...aMAZING!!) has arrived. Do I hear seagulls?? And the ocean waves crashing? What's NOT to like! Love the picture of Asher and her dad! :-) It's so comforting to know some things NEVER change! lol

Katy said...

So fun! I love the beach! Have a great time!