Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mr. Tinky Butt

Everybody has always told me that when it comes to potty training boys are just slower than girls. So at 22 months I had no intentions of worrying about the potty training thing with Tyler. We have wondered though what we were going to do when he outgrows his current size 6 diapers! We figured if he kept growing the way he is he would probably be moved onto depends by the time he was potty trained.
He HATES dirty diapers.... he always comes up and hands me a clean diaper and says.."tinky butt mommy"
So...yesterday he was working out side with daddy when suddenly he comes running into the house, "mommy mommy...tinky butt toilet, tinky butt toilet" So I figured ok...whatever. And I plopped him up on that toilet. And the little turd did just that! He 'stinky butted' on the toilet! Of course we made a great big deal of it and all his sisters were standing there cheering for him. We kinda figured it was a one time thing and life would continue as normal.
This morning he refused to let me put a diaper on him....he insisted on wearing a pull up. (not just any old pull up mind you, it was a 'princess' pullup) And once again he wanted to do 'tinky butt toilet' So back on the toilet he went but to no avail. We put the pretty pink princess pull up back on our little linebacker and went back to our house cleaning...but just as I was leaving the bathroom I decided to pull the old toddler toilet out of the cupboard and just set that out too. About 10 minutes later as the rest of us were just all off doing our thing all of a sudden we hear this big cheer.."YEAHHHHHH" coming from the bathroom.
Yep...Mr Tinky Butt took care of business all on his own and was giving himself a standing ovation. Unfortunately he also used at least half a roll of toilet paper but one really can never be too careful.
So once again of course lots of cheers, a phone call to daddy and Tyler is sooooo proud of himself he keeps walking around and just bursting into laughter...." tinky butt toilet"
Must be a slow news day when we blog about our kids bowel movements!


Lolli said...

That is awesome! I'm so proud of Tyler! I love that he's his own cheerleader after he wipes his "tinky butt".

Ali said...

I am laughing out loud!

Also I am a bit jealous, as my 38 month old son has yet to EVER do anything-butt on the toilet. EVER.

Yay for Tyler! And yay for you Mommy :)

Hilarious blog Julaine!

Amy said...

WAY TOO GO TYLER!!!!!!! What a wonderful feeling when THEY choose to potty-train themselves! I think this is a MAJOR news day!

Keep it up Tyler!