Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dustins wedding!

Dustin and Kit got married in Alberta on October 19th. Bob still had a parts trailer to pick up from Taber to bring back to Pasco so we were able to do that at the same time. It was a very short quick trip. We left Thursday night after school and headed to Couer d'Alene resort. The next morning we finished our trip. It was a great way to break it up a little bit.
We pulled into lethbridge late Friday afternoon and stopped by Jake and Mina for dinner. All the kids were there too so that was awesome to be able to see them all again. Saturday morning Bob headed up to Taber to get the parts trailer. I took the younger kids swimming for awhile, then we decided to walk to the mall down the block. Just as we were stepping out of the hotel John and Audrey pulled up! So we hitched a ride to the mall with them. I had forgotten my tripod and I was supposed to video at the wedding so I had to go buy another one at London Drugs.
That afternoon we headed to the wedding, then went to John and Audreys hotel for cocktails while we waited for the reception to start.
The next morning we headed for home. We made quite a few stops which is very unusual for Bob but it was the only way to make the looooong drive still somewhat fun~!

On the way up we travelled through glacier national park...stopped alongside the road on the way to play for a few minutes.

Enjoying some pool time at the hotel!
Congratulations Dustin and Kit!
On the way home we made a few of those was in Sparwood BC to look at the worlds largest truck.

Was a lot of miles in a small amount of hours but so worth it!


Audrey G. said...

So glad you made the trip :-)

Cheryl said...

Looks like a fun trip! Beautiful scenery pictures!