Friday, November 1, 2013

Meeting of the minds....

Stopped by Mom and dads while up for Canadian thanksgiving day. Tyler jumped at the chance to play a game of checkers against Grandpa!  I have many memories of dad teaching me how to play checkers. It was pretty cool to see that continue as he played against Tyler. Tyler does pretty good at checkers...he held his own for quite awhile (or maybe Grandpa was just being nice;) but in the end grandpa took him! Tyler is extremely competitive but I was glad to see he shook grandpas hand and said 'good game' even though his head was hanging a little!  The beautiful checkers set was made by my talented brother Rod as a gift to dad.

Dad's been planting a huge garden in the spring and selling the produce at road side fruit stands along with cherries and other fruit that he picks up down here in Eastern Washington. He thought he would try to get a head start on some of his plants and turned his old camper into the perfect green house. It's quite the 'grow op' he's got going on in there!!

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Audrey G. said...

That is a priceless: playing checkers with Grandpa!