Thursday, March 21, 2013

Leavenworth Tournament

Ashley's club volleyball team decided to do one overnight tournament this season up in Leavenworth. If we had to go anywhere overnight Leavenworth was as good a place as any. Not too far away and very pretty place to spend the weekend. Brandi had a tournament the same day in Burbank so Bob and Tyler stayed home to go to Burbank with Brandi.  Ashley, Kendra and I headed up to Leavenworth. We left about 1:00 the day before because we wanted to have a little time to enjoy ourselves. We figured if we were going to spend that much money on a hotel room we might as well enjoy it! The entire team and the coach all stayed at the icicle inn. A very nice hotel. We got up there about 3:30, checked into the hotel, then Ashley headed up town with Haley and Kendra and I went to Safeway and got a few groceries. We met up with several team mates up town and browsed the stores for a short while. A very short while, since much to Ashley's dismay I would rather get a root canal than browse through little nicknack tourist stores. Or any stores for that matter! We headed back to the hotel where the girls hopped in the pool for a little while. It was Haley Tuttle's 16th birthday while we were there so the girls threw together a little surprise birthday dinner for her that night. They had a great time!

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Cheryl said...

Sounds like fun for something a little different! I hear ya on the knick-knack store browsing...I much prefer a cup of coffee and an online shopping cart! :)