Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hit by the yuck bug!

Well we got slapped hard by the yuck bug this past week. Ashley was supposed to sing in church last Sunday and of course she came down with a miserable cold about midweek. By the weekend it wasn't gone as she had hoped but instead had gotten worse so no singing for her! Monday I got a text from Kendra's teacher asking if they could give Kendra a cough drop because she hadn't stopped coughing all morning. The  next day I kept her home but she seemed to be getting better so Wednesday I shipped her back to school. Wednesday night Tyler came home and his eyes just looked funny. By that night he was miserable, coughing and coughing. I went to pick Brandi up from track practice Wednesday afternoon and she hardly had any voice left. Thursday morning Tyler's asthma kicked in so for the first time since last May we had to give him at treatment. We were so hopeful that he was about past that chapter in his life!
So now it's Thursday. Ashley seems to be fully recovered and is back at school. Kendra is about 75% on her way so she's back to school as well. Brandi woke up with a bright red shiney face, glassy eyes and stressing out about all the stuff she absolutely could not miss at school today. A quick phone call to Lolli assured Brandi that she would be able to make up the MAPS testing and everything else could just wait, so she went back to bed.

Tyler had to have a treatment this morning....we had a couple scary hours when we weren't sure if we were going to be able to get on top of it or not but thankfully for now the crisis has been averted!

Bob has also been feeling pretty crummy all week. I had a bit of a cold for a couple of days but nothing too serious. Hopefully that was it for me and I won't get it to the extent that everybody else has been!!

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Cheryl said...

oh man...nothing like a house full of sickies to help with your already busy schedule. Hope you're all feeling better for this weekend!