Friday, March 1, 2013

Go big or go home....

So last year we were finally convinced to give the 4-H/FFA showing thing a chance...and look where that got us! The sheep business is going strong. So much so that we had to double up this year. Once again, still a work in progress but we decided to build another identical shed to the last one, double up the size of the pen and give the critters a little more room. Brandi & Lauryn joined 4-H this year so they got sheep to show too....suddenly what looked like lots of room last year began to seem a little cramped.

The Sheep have arrived for another season!

Tyler & Kendra supervising the proceedings!

He's practicing for his government job one day!

A few more details to complete on the new shelter and a coat of or two more weekends and hopefully it will be complete.

The little back pasture area was becoming over run with goatheads so Bob tilled it all under and we're hoping to reseed it again soon.

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Cheryl said...

Old McDonald had a farm...what's next? Peacocks? heehee :) Love the picture of Tyler "supervising". smart lad!