Friday, December 14, 2012


Joel & Raquel very conveniently scheduled their wedding for the Saturday right after US thanksgiving! That worked great for us. We spent our week at the beach on vacation, then headed up to Lynden for Thanksgiving with the family. Then the wedding on Saturday night. We left the kids with Oma & Opa Saturday night and stayed at the reception lodge for the night along with John & Audrey and another couple.
What a great time!
Joel & Raquel
My two handsome nephews..

My beautiful nieces

The redneck wedding party

It was a very rustic/country wedding. Loved it!

The wedding was held in a very small country church

The reception was at the Fraser River Lodge. A beautiful place that was unbelievably decorated!!

'Rupert' sat at his place of honor...front and center at the head table

We stayed the night in one of their beautiful guest rooms! Bob was up bright and early the next morning dismantling all the incredible decorations, which included hauling these logs back down the stairs.

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Wow. Hard to believe that was 3 months ago already! Thanks for joining us at the Lodge. And thanks for posting ;-)