Saturday, December 1, 2012

Prosser Chaos

Brandi's team had a little switch up this year and instead of being the red storm they are now Prosser Chaos. Our hope was that they would cause chaos rather than be chaotic! They did pretty good! They finished their fall session undefeated. It was close. Way toooo close. That last game was a nail biting edge of your seat type of game. One of those games where you pause and take a deep breath and go, "I can't believe I'm getting so worked up over a dumb basketball game" but the end of the 1st half they were down 4-15. We were sitting there just shaking our head going who are these girls and what happened to our team? Well whatever those coaches told them during halftime it was pretty effective. They came back the second half spitting mad and worked together like we knew they could. After all, most of these girls have been playing basketball together now for 6 years. It's been so fun to watch them grow and improve and we're very excited to watch them start school ball in a couple of months. But to get back to the point, they came back the second half and pulled it off!! they won that last game 19-22 to finish a great season. Brandi had a great game. Lots of steals, a few baskets, some great foul shots. It's fun to watch when everything starts falling into place. They've had a lot of good times playing together and are just a great group of girls!

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Cheryl said...

GO Brandi! Nice work kicking some be-hinds!