Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our baby turns 6!!

Happy Birthday to our favorite little man!!  Tyler Joel Groeneveld turned 6 years old on December 7, 2012. Unbelievable. We kind of talked you into a small simple family birthday while promising a bigger party next year! Whenever one of the kids has a birthday they get to choose what's for dinner that night. The choices vary greatly. You chose to get pizza hut pepperoni pizza and cinna stix.

Sienna came to play that day, you were so happy she was there to help us celebrate!

You had birthday cupcakes that day to share with all the kids.

You are very into video games right now. We don't really want to encourage that too much so instead of getting you that kind of stuff we decided to try out some legos. We had a great time that night putting together your new police station.

We should have known, your favorite gifts were the dinosaur skeletons and dinosaur lego. You love to watch documentaries on TV and have more strange facts floating around in your head than most adults. You are absolutely LOVING school this would go every day if they would only let you. It is so important to you to learn learn and learn and learn some more. One day school started late because of snow and icy roads. Kendra was talking about how you would miss morning recess and you became quite upset. Not at the idea of missing morning recess but at the thought that you probably wouldn't have enough time for MATH!!
I hope you continue to love to learn and explore! Right now you can't decide if you want to be a doctor or a 'fighting player'  Either way, I'm sure you will excel at whatever it is you end up doing!
We love you T-Bear!

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Cheryl said...

haha...4th picture down...I can totally hear his low chuckle while unwrapping that big blue present! :D Hope you had a great birthday Tyler!