Friday, May 11, 2012

Love my visitors!

My baby sis Cheryl & her little boy Kaden & 'minnowmay'  decided to come visit me. She had planned on coming next week but then when she heard Bob was going to be gone again this week she thought it would be nice to keep me company. LOVE it when she comes. Not only because she likes to clean...(although who am I kidding - that sure doesn't offend me:) but its just really nice to have another adult around to talk to!!
And sometimes we do REALLY exciting both fall asleep on a couch watching American Idol. Of course that's only because we were both exhausted from the trauma of our little waxing party!
Kaden always provides a lot of great moments, It's hard for Kendra to have to go to school while he is here. She just doesn't think its right that she should have to go to school when Tyler gets to stay home & play with Kaden all day. I will admit, I may not be a teachers favorite parent as I'm usually pretty quick to let my kids take a day off, but this time I made her go to school since she had just taken 3 days off for the Toppenish Livestock show.
The weather was wonderful and the kids enjoyed some time on the trampoline with sprinklers....the next best thing since the pool isn't going yet. Kaden really enjoyed running around in complete and total freedom in the sprinklers but to protect his dignity I won't post those pictures:)
Maybe trying to explain to mommy exactly why it was not necessary to wear shorts...
Some great relaxing time in the sun....nothing like that bright red glow you get from the first sun exposure on the nice winter white skin:)

I think Tyler was trying to teach him 'the wink'

We had 6 little boys 6 and under in the house that day....wish I would have taken a picture of all of them togather. Yep. Had a glass of wine that night....maybe even two.

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