Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Oma!

Oma had her 70th birthday last week!
 As usual we had a lot of stuff going on, with the school year drawing to a close and having 4 kids in 4 different schools it's pretty much a guarantee that somebody has something special going on every day! Kendra had her 'play day' a trip to the park and pool in tri-cities, that she really didn't want to miss. I really didn't dare to pull Ashley out of school again, plus she had her year end FFA banquet Thursday night. And Brandi, well Brandi has a B in one of her classes! Oh the horror!!! And the idea of missing something important and possible having that B drop to a B-???? well that was way too much stress for her. So Bob and Tyler decided they would go with just the two of them and wish Oma a happy birthday on our behalf. They grabbed a change of clothes and a toothbrush and hopped into 'big red' & hit the road! May not be the most 'manly' of cars but it was kinda hard to justify taking one of the gas guzzling trucks when 'big red' would get them there and back for under $50!

They left here around 8 Thursday morning and pulled back into the driveway around 6:30 Friday morning.  A very quick short trip but worth every mile!

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