Friday, October 3, 2008 Apparently I really suck at this blogging thing. What happened to the past month? It's such a cliche but so scary how time just kind of disappears and suddenly you realize that everything is just a blur.
So I'm going to try to kind of go backwards and figure out exactly what it was we've done the past few weeks.
Bob was working over in Seattle for a week so Friday afternoon I picked the kids up from school and we headed up that way to join him. We managed to catch absolutely gorgeous weather up there and went to the Woodland zoo on Saturday. Wouldn't you know it though we get into the zoo and I realize that I may have been really on top of things making sure I had my camera and fresh batteries but I forgot the dumb memory stick!! So I only got a couple of pics of that day which is really a bummer cause it was so much fun! And of course who knows where my cable is to connect my camera to my computer so uploading those pictures may have to wait for another day.
Kendra had a couple of preschool field trips. First one was to the fire station!!
She got to demonstrate the 'stop drop & roll"
And of course no field trip is complete without taking your pesky little brother along!!
It was definitely a mistake letting him sit in the fire truck. Getting him out was NOT pretty!
The next week they got to the police station, Of course the favorite part of that was sitting in the police car and turning the lights on!
Everybody was looking kind of shaggy around here so one night we loaded up and headed over to our favorite hairdressers house. EVERYBODY had to take their turn and came out with brand new do's. Of course Ashley took great pride in telling me (and everybody else) that my new hair color made me look 'Gothic'
I was SO proud.
The best part of getting a haircut is always the wash!


Ali said...

Okay I first have to say that I love the new look to your page! It's super cute!

I've been waiting for you to update your blog missy! I love the pic of Tyler in the fire truck. I sympathized with you when you wrote getting him out wasn't pretty...Coop doesn't go anywhere he doesn't want to without a fight and a fit :(

Miss ya! Have a great weekend!

Ali said...

Hey, and can we get a pic of your Gothic hairdo? C'mon!

Marlene said...

Well, that's cool that you got to go to the zoo! We really liked it when we went in May. You'll just have to go again one time to take more pictures; maybe we could meet up there sometime. Ya, you really need to show us a picture of your new hairdo!!!

Audrey Grisnich said...

Hmmm, now if I could only post the picture I have of her with my comment. It really does look good, sis!

Julaine said...

The hair do is no longer 'gothic' a couple dozen washes took that black black tinge it really just looks really dark brown now. Have to change with the seasons you know!

Lolli said...

I loved the black hair on you. I thought it made you look "sassy"!