Thursday, September 11, 2008

Handsome boys!

My little sister Cheryl came down to visit this week, with her ten week old adorable little boy. She came on Monday and just headed back home today....I miss her already. Bob is in Seattle this week so it was the perfect time to have some company. We did a lot of gabbing(imagine that) went and picked some peaches and apples....And the funniest part of all..Clipped some coupons. Yep. That brought some good laughs. Never thought the two of us would be sitting there together burping babies and clipping 'good deals' out of the local fliers. Of course on the way down here from Lynden the perfect place to stop and feed the baby is North Bend. And the fact that the outlet malls happen to be there is just an added bonus of course. She couldn't pass up these adorable matching outfits....

Spending some time with my extremely vocal children I'm sure has given her a new appreciation for that complete innocence and sweetness of new babies! Brandi told Cheryl.."auntie Cheryl I really like this green binder!" Cheryl replied.."do you?" At which point Kendra whips around and very sternly blurts out.."SAY THANK YOU AUNTIE CHERYL"

Yep that's right auntie Cheryl,.,..when someone pays you a compliment you better say THANK YOU!

How do you teach a child it's not appropriate to reprimand an adult? I'm really quite nervous about our preschool parent/teacher conferences this year!


Ali said...

Okay, that baby is adorable! (Tyler too, of course).

Glad you got to spend some time with your baby sister's moving far away tomorrow :(

I'm sad :(

Lolli said...

Now you need a coupon caddy to organize all your coupons. What a fun week for you! I'm sure Auntie Cheryl made sure to say thank you for the remainder of her stay (as long as Kendra was around at least). That is so funny! There is never a dull moment at your house.

Marlene said...

Cute picture! Very cool shirts. Cheryl's baby is soo cute! I hate to say it, but Tyler is looking pretty big beside him (there goes your baby). Anyway this is a very neat blog that you have here. It's nice to see some updated pictures of your kids. Kendra sounds like she's just a hoot these days!!!

Audrey Grisnich said...

Ok, now I'm officially jealous! I'm over here slaving away & you two are sitting there having a gab fest, clipping coupons & laughing at "the things kids say!" Tell me, what is fair about THAT?? hmm?
I'm glad Cher made it down there. And Mom absolutely loved the peaches. She said they were so BIG and easy to can.

Katy said...

Your daughter cracks me up! I love having my sister close, and thanks to you we enjoy clipping coupons together too! Never thought I would be saying that was fun!