Thursday, September 4, 2008


Can hardly believe it but Kendra is off to preschool.
Her and her good buddy 'boom boom' marched off to conquer the world.
Other moms there are teary eyed with crying children clinging to thier leg...not me! Kendra informed me as we pulled up outside"mom you don't need to come in with me. Just stay in the car"
Great! I thought parents didn't become embarassing until middle school. I guess she's really very mature.
Can't you just picture it..All these mom's huddled teary eyed with their precious babies, having a hard time leaving them and then there's Julaine. Slow down to 5 mph and shove the kid out the door and honk.
Unfortunately for her I insisted that 'yes I do need to come in with you'
Apparently her and Peter sat there with their arms around each other in story hour. Good! Put on a sweet face in public and save the hair pulling and slapping for at home! Atta girl!!
Truth be told it was a very weird feeling going home without her. I know she needs to go but.......she's just a baby.


Lolli said...

That is so funny! For crying out loud...she doesn't need her mom anymore because she's a big school-girl now; I'm disappointed that she didn't wear her rubber boots though.

Audrey Grisnich said...

I'm just really thankful she kept her clothes on for the occasion!