Tuesday, March 31, 2015

High School Track

We've been trying to convince Brandi to sit out a sport season but she's pretty adamant that it's absolutely necessary that she participate in High school track as well. Our theory kind of is as long as the attitude stays in check and the grades stay where they're supposed to be, the extra curricular's can continue. It's going to make for a crazy busy spring though. With all the FFA competitions being in the spring, the sheep to raise for Toppenish fair, spring basketball, and then track on top of it.....ugh. But as long as the knees hold out and the grades stay where they need to be we'll let her try it. Coach 'I' has been excited about Brandi joining the jumping team. He started working with her a little in middle school already when they were at the track at the same time as the high school team. In fact, by the time the season started he had a pair of jumping spikes for her. (Because he knew her mom refused to buy her a pair of $80 shoes just to jump in) She's going to be doing the long jump and the triple jump. Which to me, is one of the strangest events ever invented. Who in the world thought up the triple jump! The good news is its an extremely complicated thing so there are very few contestants:) But the complicated part is just what appealed to Brandi...It's the challenge. The season has just begun and there's only been two preliminary meets where the kids kinda practice and get the hang of what they're doing. Apparently once the season starts she will also be competing in one or two running events. Probably the 4x4. So here's to another adventure!

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