Sunday, September 1, 2013

Grandview Fair.

A very very hot Grandview fair.... As always Grandview fair was hot. With no hookups for the RV's it makes for kind of a warm week. Thankfully we had a generator this year which allowed us to rain the AC for awhile. The kids do have a good time at the fair but with it being hot it does get a little harder to keep Tyler and Kendra entertained. Tyler managed to pull through with no health problems so that was nice! The girls both placed fairly well with their lambs and got decent prices at sale so everybody went home happy:)

Aren't they special??

Grandview Fair has a "pee-wee fitting and showing" for those who are too young to actually show yet. Kendra & Tyler both got to try their hand at getting in the ring.

Tyler reacts really really quickly to sawdust so unfortunately if he wants to be in the ring he has to wear a mask:/ He gets some strange looks but it doesn't bother him one bit!

Kord Tuttle was nice enough to go in the ring with Tyler and keep a close eye on him.

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