Friday, September 6, 2013

Another school year begins

It seems that each season of life we're in we look forward to the next one. When it's winter we can't wait for summer. When it's summer we are anxiously excited for school to start and when we are in school we can NOT wait for summer! More and more we are beginning to realize we need to slow down and enjoy every single season of life! Summer was fast and furious again this year and the first day of school was here before we knew it.

Ashley - a junior!! makes me kind of teary even thinking about how soon it will be senior year and all of a sudden there will be a lot of lasts....but followed by that will be a lot of firsts..

Brandi - 8th grade. Last year of middle school already. I remember the summer before Ashley started middle school. I was so torn and uncertain. Tempted to home school...heard so many horror stories about middle school and now look. Ashley flew through it and Brandi's wrapping it up too! Apparently, neither one's the worse for wear at this point. They seemed to have come through it relatively unscathed and not completely demented!


Kendra - Starting 3rd grade, she's come a loooong way since that first few months of kindergarten when she cried every day. She loves school now. Would never admit it though. She doesn't want to admit she loves school but she comes home pretty excited every day and does pretty good. She loves math and spelling and seems to just be enjoying herself! Was ready for another year!
Tyler - 1st grade. Wow, kinda crazy how that happened so quickly. He was very excited to go to Mrs. Stienbock and Mrs. Stienmetz classroom this year. He is kind of a nerd...but a very loveable nerd. Was excited to go back and finally learn how to read and do some cool math stuff!

I still absolutely love the uniforms that Paterson kids wear. They are so simple, easy and affordable! About 2 weeks before school starts I call the school and tell them how many shirts and what colors and sizes and that's it. Get a few pairs of jeans from childrens place and between the computer and my phone I can have all their back to school shopping done in 15 minutes:)Praying for a great year for each of them with minimal drama, minimal illness and maximum efforts:)

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Cheryl said...

Beautiful, gorgeous, adorable, and studley. They must take after their aunt. Maybe not the studley part, but he's also pretty darn cute! Why are they all growing up so fast!?