Saturday, August 31, 2013

How sweet it is.....

Love love LOVE visits from my family. Siblings make me happy:) I try to tell my kids that now and they are pretty certain I'm certifiably nuts because to them sisters are just a giant pain in the arse. But I keep telling them the day will come when your siblings are your best friends! I used to stress a little when company was coming and make sure my house was clean and fresh baking was available and full cupboards of food but lately I've taken it down a notch....or two or three. I'm so happy they're coming I don't really care what their surroundings look like...after all, don't they say 'love conquers all?'

Lots of refreshments and scrabble and laughs over very strange things:)

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Audrey G. said...

Yes, lots of laughs over very strange things! Didn't realize multi-tasking was so funny!