Monday, June 25, 2012


Apparently the pacific northwest has been getting a little wet these days. As in endless days of gray & drizzle & wet & yuck. Audrey is a very solar powered individual so I kind of like it when it rains a lot up there cause that means she comes down here to bug me!
It was great having her around for a few days. She turns into our personal shuttle service while she's here. Runs to the store, runs the kids to work, picks up kids from practice, all that great stuff. I swear my car didn't leave the driveway for three days!!
She also always takes lots of great pictures when she's down which I of course steal and try to pass off as my own:)
The sight that greeted her when she drove in!

Bob hung up a large apron out of a pea combine for our redneck drive in theater. 

Bob helping the girls work with the sheep...practice getting them set up for show time.

hmmm....this might explain why in the 17 years we've been married we've only had 1 family picture taken!

Kendra having a deep conversation with her best friend


Laura E said...

I love your family! I love your posts so I can get a glimpse of what I want my family to be like when we grow up. Your girls are beautiful, caring, driven, and so much more.

Julaine Groeneveld said...

aww thank you Laura! Just what I needed to hear at the end of a crazy busy hectic day. Kids either keep you young or age you extra quickly...haven't decided which one yet;)


Thanks for posting, sis ;-)