Sunday, June 10, 2012

3 on 3 Tourny

Brandi, Lauryn, Keely & Brooke teamed up to play in the Prosser sportsfest this weekend. A 3 on 3 basketball tournament. It was a bit of an adjustment to go from playing court ball to playing a little edgier street ball but since they're a pretty scrappy team anyway they figured it out pretty quickly. The 5th/6th grade division was pretty full so they played up in the 7th & 8th grade division. They were all in agreement that they really didn't care if they won, they just wanted to PLAY! And PLAY they did!! The first game they got whooped pretty soundly, it was actually kind of comical to watch as they were playing against some big 8th grade girls....all our girls happen to be a little on the thin side....& not very tall so it looked pretty uneven. BUT they had fun! And once they got back in the groove and started having fun, things started to happen. They ended up winning both of the next games that day, then they came back the next morning and won that first game too! Their next game they held on to the bitter end...were even ahead most of the game and then ended up losing by one in overtime. But they (and us) had a great time and are ready to go out and try it again!

Kudos to Tana Teel for the awesome photography.

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Very, VERY awesome photography! I wanna get some tips from her.