Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It seems as though the weatherman has been teasing us for weeks with the threat of "the big one" this illusive impending snowstorm that it seems has been dumping on everybody else but us! We've been pacing back and forth from one window to the next anxiously looking for those dark snow clouds only to be disapointed by the big patches of blue sky. Ok, I should clarify that....the kids and I have been disapointed by the blue patches, Bob has been glaring at us everytime he caught us looking and telling us over and over (& over again) to "stop wishing for snow!" Apparently it makes his life miserable...well ya know, sometimes buddy you take one for the team.

Finally this morning it happened! We woke up at 6 to a very light dusting but it continued to fall and fall and fall......and guess what? Mr. Snow Scrooge himself seems to be enjoying the snow just fine!

He went on a local call this morning then suddenly ended up back at home....decided to do a bunch of phone calls & computer work from home then hooked up the sleds and went to go play!

Our friend Aiden was over today, he seemed to have a great time riding the sled with Kendra!

Aiden used to be scared of the they're his best friends! He loves the fact that "Sami has the same color hair as me!"

Yes, that is pink on Tylers hat, sometime when you have three big sisters you just end up with a pink hat or purple mittens!

Our friend Luke, the michelin man! He LOVED the snow but did not want to keep his confining mittens on....didn't take too long before we had to go inside & warm his pink fingers back up!

Aiden loves to eat snow, He should be well hydrated today as that is what occupied most of his time outside, the hunt for perfect snow to pop into his mouth. He gave me a mini lecture this morning on exactly what kind of snow you should NOT he know's his stuff when it come to the snow eating business!

Preschool has been cancelled for tomorrow and all the other schools are on a two hour delay, so all fingers are crossed for a school closure by morning!!!

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Ali said...

Isn't it fun?! I am the "snow scrooge" around here...but I, too, am enjoying it today. Good for Bob for being such an awesome dad, and good for you for being such an awesome blogger!