Sunday, January 15, 2012


When I look back over 2011 I'm convinced I've already forgotten more than I remember! How sad is that? My family will be the first to verify my claims that my memory is horrendous, and I think I've found a new excuse I'm going to try out. I think that the busier a person becomes.....the more they forget about what they've done? ya think? Maybe? As the kids get older and get involved in more and more activities, it means moms schedule fills up & up & up. And I hate the idea of just flying through one day after the other in a blur. So we've made a few ambitious resolutions for 2012.
One of course is the mandatory physical fitness/weightloss yadda yadda know, the one you feel like you should make each year but in all honesty you're giggling inside going 'ya right!' So that is one....the other is to spend more time together doing simple things. It seems like any time the kids have a day off from school it's filled to the brim with catching up on house work and haircuts and dentist appointments and suddenly the time off is gone even faster than the regular school days! So here's to simple things....let the science experiments continue to rot in the bottom of the fridge and haul out monopoly. Let the laundry pile up a little higher and go to the park! Leave the dust to build up a little higher and paint some pictures...maybe even in the dust itself!
So if in about 6 weeks you drive by and our yard is looking abandoned, you can't see through my dirty windows, and my car looks like it's been out mud bogging, just know this. I'm probably watching a movie & eating popcorn with my kids. Either that or I've completely lost my mind from trying to be ok with the mess & I've locked myself in a small closet somewhere and am repeatedly banging my head against the wall.


Dawn said...

Oh so love your post and how right you are! :) Good luck blogging!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Keep up the blogging - i love reading thoughts from the wise owl! :) -cheryl

Ali said...

You rock, woman!