Monday, April 1, 2013

happy sweet sixteen!!

YAYY!!! The day finally arrived. Ashley Arlene Groeneveld turned 16:) We were soooo excited for her to get her drivers license. I know some people don't look forward to it and yes, it is kind of bittersweet. BUT....they're going to turn 16 if you like it or not..AND yes, it is very scary when they start to drive. But if they start driving at 16 or at 18 it's still going to be very scary those first few months. Ashley has been driving ATVs since she got her first one at four years old. And thanks to her rule breaking father she also had plenty of experience behind the wheel of a car long before it was actually legal. So the day of her birthday we let her go to school late and Bob took her into the DMV to get that drivers license:) It has been sooo nice to have another driver in the house!  Happy Happy Birthday Leaper...we love you tons!

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