Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No animals were harmed in the making of this entry.....

Kendra loves the sheep. Kendra loves anything outdoors to be honest. The days are getting longer and it's getting harder and harder to get her into bed on time. From the minute she gets home from school she seems to find something to do outside until waaaayyy past her bedtime. About a week ago we got two new sheep for the Grandview fair. They are pretty wild yet and will need some time spent with them before they calm down enough to actually work with. Even though Kendra is not old enough to show yet she takes it upon herself to be the one to 'tame the sheep' So last night long after she should have been in bed we were outside just standing there watching the sheep and Jenna stopped by. Kendra went into the pen to 'catch' them so that Jenna could really see what they looked like. It was about that time of night when sheep do not want to be caught. They want to run and jump and play and generally do anything but stand still. They put up quite a fight and we kept telling her to just leave them alone but she was not giving up without putting up a fight herself. Her persistence paid off!

She managed to snag not one......

But both of them at the same time!!

They put up quite a fight and were dragging her around in circles

But she hung on for dear life

And she won!

Even though she did have to go inside and take another shower and put some clean pj's on!

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