Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Kenny friend!!!!

Happy Happy number 8 to our sweet sweet Kendra! It's hard to believe you are already 8 years old. What a gift you've been to us. Never a dull moment that is for sure. You are very very attached to your mommy, don't love to go to school...or so you say anyway. I think it's just a front, I think you actually like school because you sure come home pretty happy but you like to complain every morning about having to go. You prefer to hang out with the boys at school rather than the girls because you say soccer is so much funner than drama. And apparently, according to your teachers & some of the notes you come home with, there's more than a couple of those boys who have a crush on you. Lately you've been begging us to let you play grid kids football! Daddy seems to think that's a good idea but I'm not quite convinced yet that that would be a good idea. You are very blunt and to the point and sometimes say things that shock us all! You see the world in black & white and although you are very shy around other people, there are many times when you just blurt out exactly how you feel.....very similar to Ashley in some ways!
We love you very very much sweet girl!

rain boots from Peter!

Cinnastix make the perfect birthday cake

We don't usually do big birthday parties so we decided this year we would do a friends party for you. We went to the roller rink one friday afternoon and had a bunch of friends meet us there. You all had a great time!

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Cheryl said...

Looks like a fun party Kenny! You are a crazy girl and we love you too!