Tuesday, July 10, 2012

off again

Bob spent a week up in Alberta dealing with the Lucerne people...ok wait. Let me clarify that. Bob was supposed to go up to Lethbridge (or one of those towns around there) and provide some sort of training with the guys from the Lucerne plant. His original intention was to be gone for about 4 nights and then return home. However, this isn't my first rodeo. Was not shocked to get a phone call saying he had to swing into Idaho quick a minute on his way home...( as in 2-3 days quick) and take care of some issues down there. Forgive me if I really don't remember what types of issues they were that he had to take care of.  All I know is 3-4 nights quickly turned into 7-8. Glad he is safely  back home again for a couple weeks!

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