Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wow the last few weeks have flown by again! Now to dig down in the recesses of my pea sized brain and try to remember what all happened in those weeks!!
One highlight.....we had a great visit from my brother Ken & his wife Evelyn and their 6 kids:)
They came down on a Wednesday, hung out here for awhile, had some dinner and then headed to the Grapevine Inn in Sunnyside. We joined them there for an hour while the kids all went for a swim. That was a nice treat. The kids are just itching to get back in the pool here but we're not quite there yet!
Thursday afternoon we left all the kids here...(yep that's 10 of them) while the adults went for a scenic tour of the countryside. We headed up to tricities, looked around a little and decided we wanted to go out for mexican food. Since we've never actually went out for mexican food in tri-cites we headed back to Prosser where we KNEW we could get good food at El Caporal. It was very entertaining to watch the sweat run off of Bobs face as he enjoyed his whatever it is he orders with so much extra hot stuff that they won't carry it to the table sizzling because it can have an ill effect on surrounding patrons. And that's the stuff he puts into his body. Go figure.
I always forget to haul out the camera when I should but these are a couple random pictures that I found on Kendras camera

Friday they came back here mid-morning. Left Jared & Amy here to play with Kendra & Brandi and took Ashley with them as they headed off for a shopping trip in tri-cities. That night Evelyn made us an incredible dinner of chicken cordon bleu, and all sorts of other yummy stuff. That's the kind of hostess I am. Get guests down to visit and make them do the cooking!  Since they were staying at our house that night it was a late night of hanging out around the table, laughing and playing random games. Love those kind of nights!! Then on Saturday morning they packed up and headed back home. It's always kinda sad to see them leave...they LOVE sunshine so we try to encourage them to visit often....sending nice little texts to them when we know its raining there and sunny here. Not very nice of me I know but really, if that's what it takes to get them to come visit more often I do what I have to do:)

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