Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The continuing saga of "Tylerisms"

In an effort to provide ongoing coverage of the twisted workings of a 5 yr olds brain......Yesterday our friend Justin was asking Tyler about the whereabout of "bad Tyler" "I brought him to the junk yard a long long ways away so it takes him a long time to walk back to our house" Later on that evening it was very apparent that Bad Tyler had returned with a vengeance! So I commented to him that the junkyard must not be that far away cause Bad Tyler sure found his way back. "Mom, I think Bad Tyler went and got ahold of a map of the WHOOOLE world! And I think there's a little flashing green light on the map that shows him where I am so he can find me again!" Well shoot, he made a serious effort to lose the little bugger but with technology like that at his disposal Bad Tyler's gonna find his way home everytime! But then Tyler came up with the perfect solution. "I know! I'll leave him in Canada!!! There's no way he'll ever find me then!" Apparently this map of the WHOLE world does not include Canada. So all we need now if to find some cooperative Canadian willing to hold onto "Bad Tyler" for us:) In another 'techno world' dilemna....Today was a beautiful day so I told Tyler he had to go play outside. No more tv, no more video games, go play outside! So they were digging in the dirt and chasing bugs and doing all this great little boy stuff. Suddenly they came running back inside "mommy mommy can you help us build a fly trap?" Well of course I could do that, after all I was the one who wanted them to go outside and play in the dirt! "I have the perfect idea for a trap mommy! I'm going to get some old rotten cheese and lay it on that board & then we're going to put a net hanging way up above it & then we need to hook up the computer to it so we can put a special camera on it and it will scan all the bugs that come to the cheese and the good bugs will be able to fly away but when it scans a fly the computer will send a message and the net will plop down just like that! It'll be super duper cool! Can you get the computer mom can you?" Um ok honey...uh ummm...yeah. How about maybe you ask daddy to help you with that one?

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