Sunday, February 26, 2012

Alberta Bound!

Bob headed off to Alberta this week....he had to go do some training at the Lucerne plant up there. He was a little unprepared with his materials and was hoping he would have some time when he got there to figure out what exactly he was going to teach. hmmm...procrastinate much? shocking! He was also a little unprepared for the road conditions on the way up there. For some reason we were gliding on into spring mode....lots of blue skies & sunshine...even a couple days of t-shirt weather. Reality came back with a vengeance and reminded us that it's only February! He hit temps of 4'F! When he checked in at his hotel up there he asked the desk clerk if it was supposed to warm up soon. They looked at him and started laughing. oh well....Maybe it will make him really anxious to come home:)
He should be back either Friday or Saturday. Praying he has better roads on the way home!

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